Ukrainian Levkoy

Ukrainian Levkoy

Ukrainian Levkoys is famous not only for their appearance but also for their malleable character. They are not capricious and are very attached to all family members. Next to the owner, Levkoy is a true faithful friend. To small children, Levkoys are extremely patient.

Breed Information

SizeMales 25-30 cm
Females 23-27 cm
WeightMales 4-6 kg
Females 4-5.5 kg
Fur TypeHairless
ColorAny color variations are possible
Lifespan12-14 years
FIFe Classification
WCF Classification
TICA Classification
GroupHairless cats

Breed Photos

Origin History

The unusual “naked” lop-eared cat, the Ukrainian Levkoy, is considered a relatively new breed. The work on the breed began in 2000. Then felinologist Elena Vsevolodovna Biryukova was inspired by the idea of creating the breed based on sketches of the cat’s phenotype. Breeding work and selection of the best representatives lasted about four years.

The first Ukrainian Levkoy was born in the cattery “Ladacats” in Kyiv on January 21, 2004. The kitten was named “Levkoy Primero”. The felinologist did not come up with the name of the breed at once. When she saw the Levkoy flower’s petals, which reminded her of a cat’s ears, the question of the breed name was immediately solved. The breed is often called Ukrainian Sphynx.

Elena Vsevolodovna chose representatives of the Scottish Fold and Don Sphynx breeds for breeding the new breed. The Scottish was responsible for the mutation gene for lop-earedness and the Don Sphynx for the almost complete absence of fur. In 2010 ICFA RUI International felinological system gave Levkoys the right to participate in the Ukrainian Championship among pedigree cats. Due to a small number of Ukrainian Levkoys, the breed remains unrecognized by many felinological organizations.


The unconventional appearance of Ukrainian Levkoy every year falls in love with a huge number of creative personalities. The quirky appearance of Levkoy is perfectly combined with gracefulness. The physique is strong and graceful. The head of representatives of the breed is long and flat. It has the form of an elongated wedge. The forehead is convex in shape, and the skull is flat. Cheekbones and arches of the brow are well expressed. The nose is elongated in shape.

The eyes of the Ukrainian Levkoy can be any color. The eyes are almond-shaped and mostly blue or green. They are slightly slanting and not wide open. The eyes thus have a focused and somewhat sullen look. The ears are medium in size, set wide apart, and necessarily bent down. The limbs are well-muscled and moderately long. The tail is long and flexible, broader at the base, narrower towards the end.

Ukrainian Levkoy can be both completely hairless and with a certain amount of sparse hair. According to this characteristic, they are divided into several types:

  • flock – type in which the wool of leucos is soft and reaches 2 mm;
  • velour – the wool is denser, located all over the body, and can reach 3 cm;
  • velvet – completely hairless version;
  • brushpoint – fur is sparse and fluffy, present on the head, paws, tail, and spine line;
  • bristly brash – located on the body in chunks and to the touch, the coat is very stiff.

The breed standard does not prohibit any color variations. The most common are smoky, bicolor, and tabby. Interestingly, due to the absence of hair and accelerated metabolism, the body temperature of Levkoy is 1-1.5 degrees higher.


Ukrainian Levkoys is famous not only for their appearance but also for their malleable character. They are not capricious and are very attached to all family members. Next to the owner, Levkoy is a true faithful friend. To small children, Levkoys are extremely patient.

The peculiarity of the Ukrainian Levkoy is that they are friendly and responsive to dogs. They are contacts and are not jealous. To the touch, this hairless cat is pleasant, soft, and “velvet”. With Ukrainian Levkoy, you will be very cozy on a chilly evening. Not aggressive. He will be indifferent rather than suspicious toward visitors to the house.


The care of a hairless lop-eared Levkoy is very minimal. You will not need to run after your pet with a comb and brush because Levkoy, for obvious reasons, does not shed. A different approach is needed here: The skin of Levkoy is delicate and needs regular care. Wipe the pet with a damp towel. It will prevent unpleasant odor and stickiness. Ukrainian Levkoy are afraid of water, so bathing in the bathroom should be kept to a minimum. It is better to accustom the pet to water procedures from an early age.

Flaking of the Levkoy skin indicates insufficient hydration. If such a problem occurs, you should purchase a special lotion. During the cold season, they may over freeze. It is easily corrected with special cat overalls and sweaters. Brush the ears very carefully so as not to damage the natural curve. It is advisable to wipe the eyes and trim the claws every week.


Owners of Ukrainian Levkoy note their good tendency to train. Also, they will please you with a high level of intelligence. Levkoys are not prone to bullying. They are terrified of heights, so they definitely will not disturb you by jumping on cupboards.

Common Diseases

Ukrainian Levkoy is prone to many diseases because of mutation genes:

  • leukemia;
  • eczema;
  • dermatitis;
  • tumor formations;
  • digestive disorders;
  • neurological pathologies.


Ukrainian Levkoys are undemanding in food. A diet of low-fat natural food is suitable for them. Also, a balanced and regular feeding of dry premium food is suitable. To prevent digestive problems, it is better to remove starchy vegetables, freshwater fish, spices, and baked goods from the diet of Levkoy.