The Pomeranian is very playful, energetic, and loyal to its owner. Despite its small stature, the Spitz always defends its territory and family with courage. He uses his bark to do this. They are not fearful and can always stand up for themselves.

Breed Information

Another NameDeutscher Spitz,
Dwarf Spitz
Height18-24 cm
Weight1.9-3.5 kg
FurLong, fluffy, soft
ColorWhite, black, black and tan, chocolate, orange, cream, bicolor
Lifespan12-16 years
FCI ClassificationSpitz and primitive types
GroupWatchdogs, small breed dogs or ornamental dogs

Breed Photos

Origin History

The origins of the Pomeranian are ancient. This puppy is the smallest representative of all Spitzes. They are descended from larger Spitzes, which were many times larger, had a strong skeleton and a powerful physique.

The breed gained its popularity during the reign of Queen Victoria in England. At that time, the Pomeranian was transported to the countries of Europe, where scientists worked on improving the breed. That’s when the dwarf version of the German Spitz was created. In the Middle Ages, dogs were used as faithful companions and friends. They were often seen at balls and social events. More often than not, aristocrats and ladies had them.

Now dogs are popular all over the world and are used as pets and friends. They are especially popular in the United States, where the breed has many fans.


The Pomeranian can have three types of appearance: bear, chanterelle, or “toy” appearance. All Pomeranians are about 18-24 cm in height and weigh about 2 kg. The “bear cub” appearance type has pronounced differences from other spies. They have a slightly flattened snout and a wide, rounded head. The eyes are close together and close to the lobe of the nose. The nose is somewhat scooped up. There is a lot of thick fur on the cheekbones, which distinguishes it considerably. This type of Pomeranian is the most sought after in the world.

“Foxy” has an elongated muzzle and a narrow lower jaw, which looks very much like the muzzle of a chanterelle. The physique is proportional, the legs are long, and the tail is also long. The nose is small and rounded.

The Pomeranian “toy” was bred by the Japanese. It features a flat snout and eyes that are higher and slightly farther apart than other spies. The color of the Pomeranian coat can be very different – black, chocolate, orange, cream, white, etc.


The Pomeranian is very playful, energetic, and loyal to its owner. Despite its small stature, the Spitz always defends its territory and family with courage. He uses his bark to do this. They are not fearful and can always stand up for themselves.

The Dwarf Spitz always prefers to be active, play, and have fun. He is not suitable for those people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Dwarf Spitz will always be delighted to play with the ball; bring the owner sticks.

It treats children well and loves to spend a lot of time with them, but you should remember that if children tease it, the Dwarf Spitz may fight back. Physical activity is necessary for the pet to stay in good shape. If the dog spends a lot of time alone, he may have a bad mood.


The hair of the Pomeranian should be brushed twice a week with a special brush. It is not recommended to bathe often; several times a year is enough. Before bathing, the hair should be thoroughly combed out.

Haircutting is not recommended. It is constantly necessary to monitor the condition of the eyes, ears, and teeth. If necessary, the eyes should be rinsed with tea brew or warm water.

To keep the teeth in good condition, try to brush them regularly with a toothbrush or a finger brush attachment.

The Dwarf Spitz can live in an apartment or house without problems. To do this, he needs to arrange a special place for sleeping and resting. It should not be in a draught. Since the pet loves to play, make sure that he always has access to his toys.


From an early age, it is important to wean your dog from barking for no reason. During training, Pomeranians show intelligence and loyalty. Constantly strive to please their owner. Therefore, there should be no problems with training.

Sometimes they can be stubborn because they tend towards dominance. But if the owner will be an authority for the dog, it will easily obey.

Common Diseases

In general, the health of the Pomeranian is strong. But the main problems the dog may have are low blood sugar, weak joints, tartar. They often have watery eyes, which allergies can cause. In this case, you need to see a doctor.


Every day in the diet of the Spitz should be lean meat. Of cereals, rice and buckwheat can be given. The main rule is not to overfeed because they are tiny, and all portions should be strictly calculated.

If you choose to feed dry food, you can not save on it. The food must be of high quality and full value. It is recommended to consult a doctor before making up a diet.