Guard Dog Breeds

Belgian Shepherd Tervuren Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

The Tervuren is known to be always on the move, rarely resting, and always alert....

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Belgian Shepherd Malinois Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Unlike many guard dogs, the Malinois will never be overly aggressive. It is also not...

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Belgian Shepherd Laekenois Belgian Shepherd Laekenois

The Laekenois is a very active breed. His intelligent, inquisitive expression clearly says, “I’m ready...

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Belgian Shepherd Groenendael Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

The Groenendael dog is known for its adaptability and its ability to excel at almost...

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White Swiss Shepherd White Swiss Shepherd

Very intelligent, energetic, and affectionate. White Swiss pays a lot of attention to the owner....

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Australian Shepherd (Aussie) Australian Shepherd (Aussie)

Australian Shepherds are friendly and easy-going. It is one of the smartest dogs, quickly learns,...

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