Picardy Spaniel

The good heart of the Picardy Spaniel can only be envied. It is a dog who is a one-lover. His love and affection for his owner know no bounds. Picardy Spaniel will always strive to get your attention. His character is balanced and restless, which is sure to please your child.

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Breed Information
Another Name
Épagneul Picard
Males 55-62 cm
Females 55-60 cm
20-25 kg
Brown in various shades (from chocolate to chestnut)
10-14 years
ICF Classification
The type of continental pointing dogs
Hunting dogs
From $600

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Features of the breed

Love for Kids
Easy nutrition
Training needs
Tendency to be trained

History of Origin

One of the oldest hunting dogs in France was known as far back as the 17th century. A description of the Picardy Spaniel breed was then found in the works of writers Gaston Febus and Henry de Ferrier. It isn’t easy to reconstruct the exact date of the breed’s origin. However, if some researchers believe, the Épagneul Picard is a direct descendant of the breed “Chien d ‘Oysel”. From the French, it means “ancient French spaniel”.

The Picardy Spaniel was not only in demand among hunters but was also a favorite of the French royal family in the 18th century. The Picardy Spaniel can also often be found in paintings by artists of the time, such as Alexandre-François Deport and Jean-Baptiste Audrey.

After the French Revolution, the breed became more available not only to the nobility. As the popularity of hunting increased, so did the popularity of the Picardy Spaniel. Then hunters learned all the positive aspects of the breed and nicknamed it the Swamp Leopard. It happened because of its unsurpassed ability to work on water and hunt wading birds.

In France, the breed was recognized as unique in 1907. The club of fans of the breed was created in 1921, but in 1937 it was united with the Club of Blue Picardy Spaniels. The Picardy Spaniel received its standard and official recognition by the International Canine Federation in 1954.

Appearance: height, weight, fur, color

The Picardy Spaniel is a typical representative of the hunting dog. It is bold, hardy, and has excellent hunting potential. The dog looks harmonious; the build is muscular, the body is square. The head is medium-sized, oval. The transition from forehead to muzzle is smooth. A fairly long muzzle. Large dark eyes with a concentrated look (there may be individuals with pale eyes). The ears are long and floppy, low set.

Wide and strong limbs. Strong back. The chest is deep with well-defined ribs. The tail is long and fluffy. The coat is thick and shiny, with a very dense undercoat. Allowed colors: different brown, chocolate, chestnut, white with sandy spots on the head.

The Character

The good heart of the Picardy Spaniel can only be envied. It is a dog who is a one-lover. His love and affection for his owner know no bounds. Picardy Spaniel will always strive to get your attention. His character is balanced and restless, which is sure to please your child.

The hunt is an indispensable and faithful helper who dreams of being useful to his master. And in the family circle becomes an affectionate, incredibly obedient, and playful dog. The attitude to other animals is good. But this does not apply to small animals, which the Picardy Spaniel can be mistaken for prey. To prevent this from happening, do not forget about the early socialization of the pet.

As a guard dog, the Picardy Spaniel is not suitable – he is still too soft in character. Ideal for housing both in an apartment and in a spacious house. The only important point is that the Picardy Spaniel needs long walks and physical exercise.


The main feature of keeping a Picardy Spaniel is the care of its long floppy ears. Because of their length and structure, excess moisture and dirt accumulate, leading to inflammation. Therefore, take care of their cleanliness, inspect the pet’s ears regularly. It is advisable to do this every other day.

The dense coat of the Picardy Spaniel needs regular brushing several times a week. For this, you will need a special brush with stiff bristles. The coat also tends to self-clean so that you can bathe a Picardy Spaniel only a few times a year. Claws usually clip themselves, but if that’s not enough, trim them monthly.


Picardy Spaniels are the kind of sensitive dogs that sense their owner and can assess their surroundings. Owners remark on their incredible trainability and obedience. They are attentive to all your requests and have a good memory. It means that they will remember the right commands without much difficulty.

Completely reject aggression and violent behavior. Such training methods are not welcome. It will only lead to a worsening of the relationship between you and the dog’s mental health.

Common diseases

The Picardy Spaniel is not prone to any severe hereditary diseases. It is a hardy dog with a robust immune system. But there is a risk of developing some diseases that are common to most hunting dogs:

  • hip dysplasia;
  • obesity;
  • otitis media.


The Picardy Spaniel is unpretentious when it comes to food. But there is one huge disadvantage – he does not know the measure, so that he may suffer from being overweight. You should monitor your pet’s diet more carefully. To keep the Picardy Spaniel healthy, you need to feed him low-fat foods and eliminate overeating.