Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog

This sweet, large dog has a complex personality. This is justified by the fact that for many years it worked alone as a shepherd or guard. Marbles are excellent territorialists. The dog clearly and very carefully guards every corner of your home.

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Breed Information
Another Name
Maremmano, Abruzzese Sheepdog
Males 69-75 cm
Females 64-70 cm
Males 35-45 kg
Females 32-38 kg
Short, thick
10-12 years
ICF Classification
Shepherds, herding dogs, other than Swiss herding dogs
Service dog, guard dog

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Features of the breed

Love for Kids
Easy nutrition
Training needs
Tendency to be trained

History of Origin

Many years ago, people from the Tibetan peaks came to Europe. They were in great need of an animal that would help in herding livestock. They bred a breed of sheepdog that did an excellent job.

A collar with spikes was put around the dog’s neck. This was done to protect their dogs from attack by wolves. Breeders made the breed fast and big. The weight of the dog must necessarily exceed the weight of the wolf. Quickness here is necessary to corral a flock of sheep.

The Italians liked the new white, beautiful dog and we’re very proud of it. In 1924 the standard of the breed appeared. A few years later, the dog was already being sold all over the world.

The Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog was voted the best guard dog by Konrad Lorenz.

Appearance: height, weight, fur, color

The Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog is a hardy and robust dog. It has a large muzzle and head. Usually, service dogs have their ears cropped. The height at the withers of an adult dog reaches 70 cm. Bitches are slightly shorter than males.

Dogs of this breed weigh about 40 kg. The animal has a short, thick coat. All representatives of the species are white.

The Character

This sweet, large dog has a complex personality. This is justified by the fact that for many years it worked alone as a shepherd or guard.

Marbles are excellent territorialists. The dog clearly and very carefully guards every corner of your home. They are silent and reserved while working. If you do not live in a private home, the dog will walk calmly on a leash, protecting you. But when danger comes, the animal will head for the face of the enemy.

The dog of this breed is unpredictable. Be prepared because the animal can pounce on the owner-leader, family members, and even children. They are especially cruel to children. This is a breed for experienced owners. You may have trouble with food (the dog may bite if you take the food), the enclosure (the pet may claw at your hand after the “stay put” command).

Sheepdogs do not intimidate with their bites but bite hard. Some owners of this breed have soft tissue tears. If not raised properly, they develop very noticeable leadership qualities. The dog may not let you into his room and growl at a child if he plays with his toys.

Maremmanos do not like noise and clamor. Therefore, if you have children, the animal will not be their friend. The bond between the child and the dog will only happen if the owner properly raises the puppy.

As for socializing with other animals, the Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog is calm. The dog will play with an unfamiliar dog. It is true that sometimes, males will measure their strength. Dogs of this breed have a peculiarity: when playing or competing with other animals, they raise their fur as high as possible. This is done to show their greatness over the animal.


The Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog has a short, thick coat. It tends to brush itself. The dog needs to be brushed every day. This should be done so that the white hair does not get tangled. It would help if you did not wash the dog often. After a walk, you can wipe the hair with a damp towel.


Training a Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog is comfortable. Both the dog and the owner will enjoy the process. The dog catches everything on the fly but can be stubborn. You should start training your dog from the very first days. It would help if you did not stall. It isn’t straightforward to reeducate a mature dog.

Any aggression toward the owner or child should be cut off immediately. The owner must show his superiority to the dog. Otherwise, the consequences can be irreversible.

If you see that the dog is out of control and need to show your leadership, you should do the following. Grab the dog by the scruff of the neck and place it on the ground. The animal will resist, but your job is not to react.

Common diseases

It is a very healthy dog. Maremmanos have no predisposition to genetic diseases. But there are still diseases that the breed is prone to. These are bone and joint disease, dermatosis.


The dog tries. Simple food, designed for large working dogs, is preferred. The food should not be too calorie-dense.

Dry food or offal is up to the dog’s owner. Just make sure your dog has access to drinking food at all times.