German Pinscher

German Pinschers are very energetic and excitable dogs. Excess energy can have a bad effect on them, so it is desirable to spend active time with them, give a lot of physical activity. It is recommended not to spoil the dog too much because it is very cunning and has manipulative qualities. The dog has a very strong character and requires an equally strong owner.

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Breed Information
Another Name
Deutscher Pinscher
45-50 cm
14-20 kg
Short, no undercoat
Brown, black, pale, red, blue
13-16 years
ICF Classification
Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossers, Mountain Dogs and Swiss Cattle Dogs

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Features of the breed

Love for Kids
Easy nutrition
Training needs
Tendency to be trained

History of Origin

There is no exact data on the appearance of the German Pinscher. The first mention of them is dated 1879. The first German Pinschers lived on the marshes, catching rodents.

Soon they became famous for their running skills, for they could run long distances without any problems. Sometimes these runs could last the whole day with short breaks to catch rats. Then people began to use German Pinschers as escorts and guards for the carriage.

When the horse’s era ended, and automobiles soon began, German Pinschers did not lose their popularity but modified their activity. They began to live near people and protect their homes. The first standard for the German Pinscher was recognized in 1884; after that, it was revised and changed many more times.

Appearance: height, weight, fur, color

The German Pinscher is a relatively large and muscular dog. Their height can be from 45 to 50 cm. The weight ranges from 14 to 20 kg. The body shape of the dog is similar to a square. The dog’s head and neck are long; the ears can be cropped, then they will stand high, the natural ears hang down.

The wool of the breed is short and has no undercoat. The uniqueness of the coat is the ability to shine in the sun, making it always seem very well-groomed. The most popular color is black, but it can also be with different shades of red. There are stable single-colored or two-colored. The color in German Pinschers should be uniform and intensely pronounced. The dogs have strong and sturdy paws, which respond well to their fitness.

The Character

German Pinschers are very energetic and excitable dogs. Excess energy can harm them, so it is desirable to spend active time with them, give a lot of physical activity.

It is recommended not to spoil the dog too much because it is very cunning and manipulative. The dog has a powerful character and requires an equally strong owner. The Pinscher is elegant and has high intelligence. It can be a human companion, protector, and guardian of the home. He loves to play with children, but it is better not to leave them with tiny children, as the dog is very active and can accidentally hurt a baby. Quickly get along with other animals in the house, but will dominate them because they have leadership qualities.


The German Pinscher can live in a city apartment, but it is worth remembering active long walks. The Pinscher will gladly keep its owner company during jogging, cycling, and other activities.

Vigorous playtime and lots of games will positively affect the pet, so he won’t be looking for ways to entertain himself at home.

German Pinschers have no undercoat, and the coat itself is relatively short, so it is better to keep them warm in winter and buy unique clothing for walking. The short coat does not require much care; it is enough to wipe it with a damp towel when it gets dirty and comb it regularly with a soft brush.


From an early age, it is worth showing your pup who his master is because he likes to be the leader and has a tendency to make decisions on his own. The German Pinscher is very fond of competition with other dogs; he has an appetite for games. Therefore, the best method for training will be a combination of physical activities and games.

High intelligence helps the Pinscher to memorize commands quickly. However, he doesn’t always want to follow them. Often you will have to encourage him with praise and tasty gifts.

Common diseases

Representatives of this breed have robust health and a high level of endurance. However, some diseases are peculiar to the German Pinscher. The dogs can have diabetes, allergies, eye disease, and hip dysplasia.


German Pinschers can be fed with food and can be provided with natural food. For the best diet, you should consult your doctor. If you choose to feed raw food, it is essential to remember that although dogs are happy to eat the owners’ food from the table, it is not always suitable. Meat should be the basis of the diet, and it can be served with cereals and vegetables.