Danish-Swedish Farmdog

The Danish-Swedish Farmdog has an obedient character. They not only help in the household but are also good friends. They get attached easily and quickly become a loyal companion. They are very fond of children – they don't have any trouble playing and guarding with them.

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Breed Information
Another Name
Scanian terrier
Denmark, Sweden
Males 34-37 ± 2 cm
Females 32-35 ± 2 cm
Males 9-12 kg
Females 7-10 kg
Thick, short, smooth
White predominates, spots of different shapes and colors are allowed
11-14 years
ICF Classification
Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossers, Mountain Dogs and Swiss Cattle Dogs
From $360

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Features of the breed

Love for Kids
Easy nutrition
Training needs
Tendency to be trained

History of Origin

The Danish-Swedish Farmdog is widely known in Scandinavian countries. It is rare to see a dog in the United States or England. This ancient breed was used on farms to protect livestock from wild animals, catch mice, and guard the house. Also, the Danish-Swedish dog was often taken for hunting.

There is a theory that the dog is descended from a breed of British hunting terriers and pinschers. The dog received its recognition in Sweden and Denmark in 1987. And the FCI (International Canine Federation) recognized the breed more recently – in 2008. The popular name of the species is also “gardenhound”.

Appearance: height, weight, fur, color

Males are taller than females. The height of males is 34-37 cm, while females’ height is 32-35 cm. Also concerning the pets’ weight: males are 9-12 kg, bitches are 7-10 kg. The size of the dog is enormous; the body is compact, somewhat elongated.

The tail of this breed can be different lengths from birth. It is not known precisely what influences its length.

The fur of representatives of the breed is straight, thick, also available undercoat. The color has the advantage of white; on the body can be spots of different colors and shapes. The muzzle of the pet is long and slightly narrow.

The body clearly shows the relief of the muscular body. The dog has an excellent level of fitness.

The Character

The Danish-Swedish Farmdog has an obedient character. They not only help in the household but are also good friends. They get attached easily and quickly become a loyal companion. They are very fond of children – they don’t have any trouble playing and guarding with them.

Dogs are very active and will willingly play different games in general. They are non-aggressive and friendly. So, the breed is suitable for people who have never had a dog before.

These dogs make excellent guards. They are distrustful of strangers and scare them away with loud barking.

The Danish-Swedish Farmdog would be a wonderful friend for school-age children and teenagers. They are very cheerful dogs. They are never lazy, always ready to play, jump and walk.


Danish-Swedish Farmdogs can live both in a country house and in an apartment. However, it would help if you remembered that they are very energetic and require a lot of physical activity. With them, you need to walk regularly, let them run for long distances, teach them games. They can also keep them company while jogging, biking, or on a mountain hike.

Walk a few hours every day and try to change routes if possible. The pets’ hair is hardly a big concern. It needs to be brushed regularly, and it hardly ever falls out during shedding.

Consider the dog’s activity and constant desire to get everywhere. They can dig holes, walk through puddles and run in the rain. However, their coat is self-cleaning, so they should bathe about twice a year. Once a week, it is worth brushing their teeth, checking for clean eyes, ears, and claw trimming.


Dogs of this breed have a high level of intelligence. They are easy to train without the help of professionals, they have a good memory and intend to please their owner all the time.

It rarely happens that the dog does not want to obey. However, at such moments you need to encourage him with something sweet or praise. It will be a great joy for the dog to play agility (speed contest), flyball, dog frisbee, or coursing.

When walking, don’t forget to watch your dog at all times because he has powerful hunting instincts. It may attack cats or chase birds. It is recommended to train them in secluded areas. The dog may react aggressively to noise from car traffic.

Common diseases

Dogs have good health, so they have no problem surpassing any other dog in longevity. There are cases where a Danish-Swedish Farmdog has lived as long as 17 years.

Check her regularly at the vet for infectious diseases and parasites in her fur that they may pick up while walking. It is also essential to check the eyes, as there is a tendency for blindness.


The Danish-Swedish Farmdog is unpretentious about food and can eat anything he is cooked. But it is worth remembering about a balanced diet and a proper diet, which excludes smoked, fatty, salty, sweet things. The basis of food should be proteins.