Catalan Sheepdog

If you are looking for a dog by one word, "perfect," you should get a Catalan Shepherd. It is an intelligent animal that calmly makes decisions on its own. It is easy to train.

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Breed Information
Another Name
Catalan Shepherd
Males 45-55 cm
Females 40-50 cm
Males 17-25 kg
Females 15-23 kg
The wool is fine, dense
Pale, brown, gray, brown, spotted
11-15 years
ICF Classification
Shepherd and herding dogs, other than Swiss herding dogs
Dogs for children, herding dogs
From $800

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Features of the breed

Love for Kids
Easy nutrition
Training needs
Tendency to be trained

History of Origin

The Catalan sheepdog became a great shepherd in the Pyrenees. That was three centuries ago. Now, this breed is one of the most expensive in the world. In 1911 it was recognized as the national breed of Catalonia. And twenty years later, the kThe Atalona shepherd won the Spanish Dog Show. But the standard for the species was not adopted until five years later. In 2004 the standards were already changed. The standard of the Catalan shepherd has not been changed since then.

During the war in the 1940s, the Catalan shepherd helped people. During the war, animals delivered letters to people from the front and also acted as watchmen.

Appearance: height, weight, fur, color

The Catalan sheepdog is a muscular and robust dog with floppy ears. The male dogs’ height ranges between 45-55 cm, in females 40-50 cm. It is a large dog, which reaches 17-25 kg for males and 15-23 kg for females. The coat of the Catalan sheepdog is long and dense. The dog molts twice a year. There are many color variations of the Catalan shepherd dog, ranging from gray and brown to tricolor dogs.

The Character

If you are looking for a dog by one word, “perfect,” you should get a Catalan Shepherd. It is an intelligent animal that calmly makes decisions on its own. It is easy to train.

The Catalan sheepdog is very gentle and affectionate to its owners. Nevertheless, the Catalan shepherd treats strangers and unfamiliar people without trust, wary. When the need arises, the animal will show aggression but will not bite.

We must take into account that it is a herding breed. Such animals need physical activity. An intelligent dog that needs to be loaded psychologically as well. Otherwise, the animal begins to be aggressive toward the owner, and in general, it is not typical of the breed. With a sufficient amount of exercise for dogs, the Catalan shepherd can safely live in an apartment.


During shedding, the animal should be combed every day. During this period, it is vital to prevent the formation of tangles on the body. Care of the ears is mandatory. The ears are susceptible to various diseases because they are entirely covered with hair. But during the period when the dog does not molt, special care is not necessary.


When training the Catalan shepherd dog, you have to rely on the fact that it is a shepherd dog.

Training and mental stress are a must. The owner must gain authority in the eyes of the dog. If this does not happen, the animal may behave uncontrollably and aggressively.

Common diseases

Due to the small number of herds, data on the Catalan sheepdog’s diseases is not available.


It is up to the owner to choose how to feed this dog – food or by-products. Here it is important to remember the quantity and quality of food. The animal’s diet should include vitamins, meat, cottage cheese. It is necessary to ensure that the dog does not overheat. The consequence of this can be obesity. The owner of the dog should ensure that the pet has constant access to drinking water.