American Leopard Hound

The American Leopard Dog is known for its kindness and affection for all family members. Despite its willful disposition and independence, the pet chooses one owner and always obeys him. It is a very loyal breed, which can become a favorite in a large family.

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Breed Information
Another Name
Males 56-66 cm
Females 51-61 cm
20-34 kg
Short, smooth, tight-fitting
Leopard, blue, gray, red, white with spots
12-15 years
ICF Classification
Breeds outside the FCI classification
Hunting dogs

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Features of the breed

Love for Kids
Easy nutrition
Training needs
Tendency to be trained

History of Origin

The history of the American Leopard Hound has its origins in the United States in North Carolina. Originally, the dog’s main task was to protect settlers from Indian attacks. It was also actively used for hunting.

The ancestors of the American Leopard Hound were crossed with British and French hounds. Thanks to dog breeders, this breed has inherited outstanding qualities and a beautiful appearance.

Appearance: height, weight, fur, color

The American Leopard Hound is compact in size and well-muscled. The muzzle is elongated, and the ears are medium-sized and floppy. The eyes are small, oval-shaped, and mostly light in color. The American Hound has a very penetrating eye. The teeth are strong, and the jaws are tightly clenched. The abdomen is taut, and the ribs are convex. The limbs are solid and developed; this is a feature of the breed. The tail is quite thick and strong. The coat is thick and dense. The color of the American Leopard Hound corresponds to the name that is spotted, like a leopard. But the main shade can be a scoop, red or blue.

The Character

The American Leopard Dog is known for its kindness and affection for all family members. Despite its willful disposition and independence, the pet chooses one owner and always obeys him. It is a very loyal breed, which can become a favorite in a large family.

The American Leopard Hound always finds a common language with children and is happy to support different games. It is only worth remembering to always keep an eye on this process.

Thanks to its observant nature, the American dog can be used wonderfully as a watchdog. It reacts to strangers with suspicion and wariness and even with aggression if it senses danger.

The dog is indifferent to other pets. However, youngsters may awaken their hunting instinct, and a meeting with a cat may end up in a chase. In this case, such behavior should be prohibited.

Outdoors, the breed actively explores its surroundings and tries to keep track of everything. The dog should be let off the leash under clear supervision.

The American Leopard Hound shows all its best qualities when hunting. This breed can follow the trail for many hours. Terrain and weather conditions do not affect the quality of work at all. The American dog can hunt alone and in a pack with other pets. If the owner does not have the opportunity to travel to the hunt, it is better to give the dog a chance to walk a few hours in the open area. It is better to go out once a month to the woods or fields and give the dog a chance to experience the wilderness.


The American Leopard Dog is very easy to care for. It is not recommended to bathe it too often, only as needed. Its hair should be combed out with a special brush, especially during the molting period. It is better to trim the claws once every few months.

An American Leopard Hound needs space, so living in an apartment is not suitable for him. A dog’s most comfortable place is an insulated aviary because personal space is very important for a dog.


In raising an American Leopard Hound, you need to show all the strength of your character. This dog has a very independent temperament, sometimes very stubborn and willful. Before you bring up a puppy, you need to interest him. It is not an easy process and should be handled by one person he recognizes as his master. Channel all of the dog’s energy through strenuous training. Enough exercise may calm the dog down, and then he will behave calmly at home. A strategy with encouragement at the end is best. As an alternative to regular walks, you can have a great time at special doggy playgrounds. Socialization will be an essential factor in raising an American dog. Therefore, frequent walks with your kin will only do you good.

Common diseases

The hardy American Leopard Hound has excellent immunity. It is important to check your pet’s coat after a walk for pests. Do not allow your pet to get too cold. Don’t forget to visit a specialist once a year to check for infectious diseases.

The American Leopard Hound is prone to such diseases:

  • deafness;
  • hip dysplasia;
  • blindness;
  • conjunctivitis.


An American Leopard Hound diet is as simple as possible and will not be a big problem for the owner. The main thing is that it should contain protein of animal origin. Nutritious vegetables and porridges can diversify the usual meals. Greens and fruits will be an excellent source of vitamins. On days of great physical activity, the portion can be increased. But you should not allow overeating.