Pixie-bob Longhair

Pixie-bob Longhair is a very cautious cat; they don't try to break through, they don't show aggression to strangers or other animals. They are very good at conveying the master's mood; if he is in a bad mood, the cats won't get under feet but gladly play when called. Pixiebob is an intelligent, cunning, and intelligent breed.

Breed Features

Familiality, attachmentc
Love for Kids
Love to Meow
Easy Nutrition

Breed Info

Males 33-35 cm
Females 30-33 cm
Males 8-10 kg
Females 5-8 kg
Fur Type
Long Hair
Spotted brown tabby
Indoors, outdoors
Life Expectancy
15-18 years
FIFe Classification
WCF Classification
TICA Classification
The Group
Long-haired cats, popular cats

Breed Photos

History of Origin

The name of the breed Pixie-bob is translated from English as a short-tailed elf (pixie – elf, bob – short tail). One of the legends about the Pixie-bob origin says that these cats are the fruit of love between a wild North American lynx and a domestic cat. One day the owners saw kittens from the domestic cat that looked a lot like a bobcat.

But in fact, that’s not how it happened. American amateur felinologists in the Cascade Mountains foothills in Washington state had found the descendants of the lynx, forest roaming cats. Carol Ann Brewer, who was in charge of the search party, made the decision to domesticate these wild cats and breed them into a full-fledged breed. The Pixie-bob Longhair is a rather young and rare breed. It was officially recognized only in 1995.

Appearance: height, weight, fur, color

The Pixie-bob Longhair is a massive and large breed of cat. Its pear-shaped head with sideburns, short tail, and powerful body give it a mini version of the lynx. A unique feature of the Pixie-bob breed is the extra toes on the hind or front paws. It is the only breed in which the standard officially recognizes polydactyly. Sometimes a kitten can be born with up to ten toes, a phenomenon popularly called “hamburger”. Pixie-bob breed is presented in two versions – short-haired and long-haired. The tail is very short, at only two and a half centimeters. The Pixie-bob Longhair takes a very long time to reach puberty, and the female Pixiebob can bear no more than four kittens. Cats of this breed are very massive and can weigh ten kilograms or more.

The Nature

Pixie-bob Longhair is a very cautious cat; they don’t try to break through, they don’t show aggression to strangers or other animals. They are very good at conveying the master’s mood; if he is in a bad mood, the cats won’t get under feet but gladly play when called. Pixiebob is an intelligent, cunning, and intelligent breed. Can understand a person from half-word, which raises its importance in the family to the sky! It is moderately friendly to children, as long as the child does not hurt it. Pixie-bob Longhair is very attached to the family and does not like to be alone for a long time.


Taking care of a mini lynx will give its owner a lot of trouble. For a small apartment, this cat is not suitable. It, like a dog, needs space and frequent walks in the fresh air. These cats are very massive and heavy, so when choosing a scratching post, pay attention to the quality of assembly and weighted bottom; otherwise, it will simply fall apart from the first jump of a Pixie-bob.

Care of the paws is mandatory; claw trimming should be as accurate as possible not to damage their special paws with polydactyly. The long hair of the Pixie-bob requires careful care; it must be combed out regularly. These cats love water, so bathing in the bathtub will not be difficult and will only be a pleasure.


The Pixie-bob Longhair is a brilliant and intelligent cat breed. It is easily accustomed to the litter box and scratching post; it responds to its name and can even distinguish between words. If you start to discuss your cat and go to the vet, she will be blown away and won’t be seen again until the evening. Pixiebob is realistic to teach to go to the toilet and even flush after herself! Try it and you! Pixie-bobs love to do different commands; they can quietly fetch a toy or do the snake.

Common diseases

The Pixie-bob Longhair cat breed has good health. But there is a possibility of detecting problems with the genital system or thickening of the heart muscle. It is necessary to be examined annually by a veterinarian to detect diseases early and avoid serious complications.

There is also a problem with weight gain – they tend to be overweight, but here it all depends on the diet. It is desirable not to allow the pet to overeat, and all will be fine. Pixie-bob breeders, in general, are big fans of traveling with their owners, so a solid and strong immune system is especially important.


Every cat has specific needs due to age, lifestyle, and individual characteristics. An accurate diet is essential to maintain her health and quality of life.

There are several options for feeding the Pixie-bob Longhair. You can give him ready-made dry food, but only premium food. Or make him a balanced menu, the basis of which should be: lean meat, dairy products, and vitamin-mineral supplements.